Planera Holding

Established in 2020 in the field of construction, and achieved great success by working on living conditions, and versatility in urban communities and areas. Then the company decided to bring its operations together under one umbrella of Planera Holding such as Planera Arts and Activar Bahrain Public Relations

Through its founder's vision, strategic direction, and unwavering commitment, the Planera Holding achieved its goals in the construction business and now The Group expands its Portfolio in interior design, perfume sales, social media advertising, photography, and video, and Marketing and Management consultancy field

We started with one employee, and now the group consists of more than 50 employees from around the world working together with a common goal. We achieve our goals under the leadership of Omar Abdulaziz, a great leader and successful businessman. The Planera Holding now works in construction, interior design, perfume sales, social media advertising, photography and video, and also works in marketing and management consulting.


Mr. Omar Bukamal believes that if a company does not change it will not survive and therefore the leadership philosophy of Planera Holding has always been one of flexibility and adaptation.

The purpose of the Planera Holding is to serve the people and serve the community

Planera Holding has always been one of flexibility and adaptation.

We grow to become a diversified multinational business with interest across multiple sectors

Vision &


To be the regional leader by setting benchmarks for superior quality products, innovative services, reliability, and customer satisfaction and make a big difference for people with a big dreams

Our mission is whether we are entering new markets or meeting customers in new ways, we are constantly innovating to meet customer expectations.

Our Strategy

Planera Holding strategy is derived from our mission to make tomorrow a better place. Our strategy is to achieve sustainable, profitable growth by

Investing in our people and capabilities

Building long-term, trusted partnerships

Transferring knowledge and skills to new and existing markets

Providing a turnkey high-quality construction capability




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